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Eye Clinic in Spring Lake, Michigan

Located in Spring Lake, Michigan, Eye Vision is a full-service eye clinic offering personalized eye exams and custom, name-brand glasses and contact lenses for your lifestyle and needs. We also offer an on-site lab, which allows us to handle all of your vision needs in one convenient location. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment, and make us your family's first choice for eye care.
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On-Site Lab

At Eye Vision, we have a full-service lab on-site, which means your prescription glasses and repairs are custom-made right in our store. Our opticians, Tim and Peggy, offer the advantages of first-hand knowledge for your specific needs. As Eye Vision lab work is being performed, this extra attention ensures things are done correctly, the first time.
On-site lab
Lens edging, tinting, and hardening are also performed on-site. Since we take care of everything ourselves, it is easy for us to fine-tune the details to meet your exact needs and requirements.

After they are built, your glasses go through Eye Vision tests and quality checks to make sure they are constructed correctly. You receive your glasses after, and only after, they are double checked for accuracy.

Doing things right always takes a little more effort, but the result is worth it. We work efficiently, but do not place a 1-hour time limit on a job so important. With our full-service Eye Vision lab, we can provide emergency repairs and same-day service.

Affordable Payment Plans

Our goal is to help more patients enjoy the benefits of better vision. Therefore, we offer CareCredit® patient payment plans. With CareCredit, patients can move forward with their vision care immediately and comfortably pay over time.

Visit our eye clinic today for an eye exam or a new pair of custom glasses.
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